October 2021


María Roselló joined the lab. She will use her expertise in Bioinformatics and Developmental Biology to address how mayflies adapt to different environments and evolved new organs. Welcome, María!


August 2021


Final version of our collaboration with the Belles lab at IBE-CSIC is now published in PNAS. Check it here

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June 2021


Perfect starting at the University of Barcelona, Isabel is one of Leonardo awardees from the BBVA fundation. With this project, we will investigate the origin of insect wings using our favorite animal, the mayfly Cloeon dipterum.

In addition, our project to investigate the turbanate eyes of mayfly males has been also awarded by the Spanish Research Council.

Exciting times ahead!


March 2021


Two new preprints are out!

Slow cooked study on differences of ommatidia size in different species of Drosophila, together with McGregor, Posnien, Nunes and Arif labs:

Differences in orthodenticle expression promote ommatidial size variation between Drosophila species

And a great collaboration with Belles lab at IBE

The mayfly subimago explained. The regulation of metamorphosis in Ephemeroptera


February 2021


Our contribution to the work elucidating the role of Srrm234 in flies is out. A great collaboration with Irimia and Prieto-Godino labs.

Parallel evolution of a splicing program controlling neuronal excitability in flies and mammals


February 2021


Isabel presented the latest work on mayflies as part of the Koenig Museum seminar series, MEEGene: Evolutionary & Environmental Genomics. The talk is available here

 January 2021


The report of the last SEBD2020 meeting is now published in International Journal of Developmental Biology:

Meeting report of the 17th Spanish Society for Developmental Biology Meeting (SEBD2020)



January 2021


We start the year with our contribution to the great work led by the Posnien lab:


Variation in a pleiotropic hub gene drives morphological evolution: insights from interspecific differences in head shape and eye size in Drosophila in Molecular Biology and Evolution

November 2020


Carlos presented his work on gill regeneration as a flash talk at the Spanish Society of Developmental Biology


cartoon: River Oracle inc.

October 2020


Thanks to the Beatriz Galindo program, in June 2021, the lab will start at the Department of Genetics, Microbiology & Statistics at the University of Barcelona


September 2020


We talk about our latest research on mayfly genomics in The Node:


Mayflies: an emergent model to investigate the evolution of winged insects


You can also check our post in Nature Ecology & Evolution community, Mayflies take off: a new model to study insect evolution 


October 2021


The first generation of our mayfly colony has born in our new location in Barcelona. María made the honours assisting in the delivery.